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Task 6: Supervision of the Construction Works 


The Supervision of the Construction Works (“Infrastructure facility for waste storage in Kosovo”, EuropeAid/133851/DH/WKS/XK) will be established in accordance with FIDIC and EC PRAG conditions, as well as Kosovo legislation. The Consultant will perform all the duties of "the Engineer", as identified in the standard FIDIC Conditions of Contract, in supervising the construction works. The supervision shall be organized to ensure an efficient administration of the activities, a timely implementation of the works, as well as efficient use of the financial resources.


The Supervision of the Construction Works constitutes of three main Activities (Subtasks):


  • Subtask 1: Pre-Construction Activities


  • Subtask 2: Construction Activities


  • Subtask 3: Technical Reporting


The period of implementation of Subtasks 1 & 2 (pre-construction and construction activities) is 2-years from the commencement date. 


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