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Task 2: Master Plan for WM Priority Projects


A Master Plan was developed for the implementation of Waste Management (WMMP) Infrastructure Priority Projects in Kosovo with a 10 years (2015 – 2024) time horizon. The WMMP sets the principles, targets and aims of the waste management systems to be implemented in the country and provides the necessary guidance and technological solutions to the stakeholders to develop the necessary projects in order to fulfill the objectives in relation to waste management, in line with the EU policy and standards.


On December 2014, the draft version of the WMMP was submitted to MESP and EUOK (you may download the executive summary). Following the consultation period, the comments received by stakeholders were incorporated in the final version of the WMMP, as applicable (you may download the executive summary). The Master Plan is in line with the following basic principles:


  • Waste to be deposited in landfills should be minimum;


  • Only pre-treated waste should be disposed in landfills;


  • The waste management hierarchy should be respected;


  • Emphasis should be given to separate waste collection in order
    to allow the production of good quality secondary material from waste (e.g. clean recyclables, good quality compost etc);


  • The waste treatment technologies to be proposed should be
    well-known and implemented internationally;


  • The financial feasibility of the proposed system should be is ensured, taking into account the affordability of the citizens;


  • The institutional framework for the system implementation
    and monitoring should be strong and capable to ensure its successful realization;


  • The active participation of the citizens to the system is of critical importance in order for the system to be successful; public awareness should be enhanced.

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