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The current state of waste management in Kosovo is problematic, posing significant threats for the environment and the public health. Some interventions have occurred, especially in policy areas, the most important ones being the adoption of the new Waste Law (No.04-L060 of 2012), as well as the development of the Kosovo Waste Management Strategy and Plan.


The overall project objective was to contribute, via the upgrading of waste management, to the sustainable and continuous improvement of the quality of Kosovo natural environment in order to reach EU standards. The project aimed at strengthening the institutional capacities of the central and local competent authorities on issues related to the drafting of policies and plans and implementing effective measures for environmental improvement, with focus on waste management, via the utilization of national and EU financing mechanisms. 


In this respect, the project goals included the following:


  • Develop an effective Information Management System throughout the entire waste sector, in order to enable sustainable waste management, as well as procedures and protocols that will allow better governance and monitoring of waste management.


  • Elaborate a Master Plan on Waste Management Infrastructure Priority Projects and support the beneficiaries in the projects’ implementation.


  • Promote waste generation reduction, categorization, sustainable collection, reuse/recycling treatment and safe disposal of residues.


  • Improve the waste management operations and market, via the implementation of a modern waste management system, tailored to the Kosovo needs.


  • Provide Construction Supervision Services for the successful implementation of the Works Contract Notice (“Infrastructure facility for waste storage in Kosovo”, EuropeAid/133851/DH/WKS/XK), in accordance with FIDIC and EC PRAG conditions, as well as Kosovo legislation.


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